Doctor: Abeir Osman Dabbous 

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Doctor Abeir Osman Dabbous has been graduated from Cairo University school of Medicine (signed up Excellent with honours) M.B.B.Ch since December 1994. She received training in Cairo University hospitals and worked as a resident of audio-vestibular medicine, in the Audiology Unit, Otolaryngology Department, Kasr Al-Ainy hospital. Then she became a clinical demonstrator and an assistant lecturer. There she has obtained her M.Sc. (1998) and M.D. (2002) degrees in Audiology, becoming a lecturer then an assistant professor, then a Professor of Audiology (audio-vestibular medicine) i.e., Hearing and Balance, in the Audiology Unit, Otolaryngology Department, Kasr Al-Ainy Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.


Dr Abeir Dabbous has clinical work experience with patients over the past 25 years to date, in the field of audio-vestibular medicine including practice in testing and interpretation of all basic audiological testing, all auditory neurophysiological testing and all vestibular testing as well as hearing-aid fitting & rehabilitation of hearing loss. She has received a 3-month clinical attachment to the Nottingham Tinnitus Clinic (Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham University Hospital, United Kingdom. Dr Abeir Dabbous is a London Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) course graduate (2001) for treatment of tinnitus and hyperacusis. Dr Abeir Dabbous has been teaching post-graduate students, giving lectures and training in basic and clinical audio-vestibular medicine to date. 


Dr Abeir Dabbous is a member of the Egyptian Oto-Rhino-Laryngologic Society; the Egyptian Audio-Vestibular Medicine Association (EAVMA) and the International Association of Physicians in Audiology (IAPA). Dr Abeir Dabbous is a member of the Audio-Vestibular Medicine Committee for putting the Egyptian Clinical Practice Guidelines in Otolaryngology, Audio-Vestibular Medicine, Phoniatrics, Supreme Council of the Egyptian Universities, Ministry of higher education and scientific research, Egypt. Dr Abeir Osman Dabbous is a Co-editor in the Egyptian Journal of Otolaryngology (EJO) (2012-2015) and is an ad Hoc Reviewer in the Journal of Hearing Science (2016), and peer reviewer in Pediatrics (2017),  Autism Research (2018), International Journal of Audiology (2020), and Audiology and Neurotology (2020; 2023), Journal of Clinical Medicine (2022; 2023), Frontiers in Neurology (2022) , Hearing Balance and Communication (2022; 2023) and Healthcare (2022); Egyptian Journal of Ear Nose, Throat and Allied Sciences (2023); International Archives of Otolaryngology (2023).

Dr Abeir Dabbous has attended  medical instructional courses and workshops, and actively participated in organizing scientific events. Dr Abeir Dabbous has supervised and discussed many M.Sc. and MD. theses and has research work in the field of audio-vestibular medicine. She has presented her scientific research as oral and poster presentations in national and international scientific conferences and has received many scientific certificates and published several scientific papers in national and international journals and conference proceedings. She was the corresponding author in most of them. She received certificates and awards from Cairo University for international medical publication. Her main research interests are related to tinnitus and hyperacusis, vertigo and balance, hearing aids, auditory processing, tympanometry and multi-frequency tympanometry, auditory evoked potentials, and otoacoustic emission testing.