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Al-Hajar A-RS, Atteiah SAG, Abdel-Sattar EA, Abdel-Naim AB. "Hassan Ali Al-Ghamdi.". Recent Publication. Abstract
Dine RSE, Monem AAR, El-Halawany AM, Abdel-Sattar E. "HCV-NS3/4A Protease Inhibitory Iridoid Glucosides and Dimeric Foliamenthoic Acid Derivatives from Anarrhinum orientale." Journal of Natural Products. 2011;74:943-948.
Dine RSE, Abdel Monem AR, El-Halawany AM, Hattori M, Abdel-Sattar E. "HCV-NS3/4A protease inhibitory iridoid glucosides and dimeric foliamenthoic acid derivatives from anarrhinum orientale." Journal of natural products. 2011;74:943-948. Abstract
Mekky RH, Fayed MR, El-Gindi MR, et al. "Hepatoprotective effect and chemical assessment of a selected Egyptian chickpea cultivar." Frontiers in pharmacology. 2016;7:344. Abstract
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Abdel-Sattar E, El Zalabani SM, Salama MM. "Herbal and microbial products for the management of obesity." Anti-Obesity Drug Discovery and Development. 2014;2:130-210. Abstract
Abdel-Sattar E, Mossa JS, El-Askary HI. "Hirsutinolides from Vernonia cinerascens." Die Pharmazie. 2000;55:144. Abstract
Abdelsattar E, Glasl H, Nahrstedt A, Hilal SH, Zaki AY, El-Zalabani SMH. "Hydroxycinnamic acid amides from Iochroma cyaneum." Phytochemistry. 1990;29:3931-3933. Abstract