Wheat Crop Modelling for Higher Production

Kheir, A. M. S., Z. Ding, M. G. M. Ali, T. Feike, A. I. N. Abdelaal, and A. Elnashar, "Wheat Crop Modelling for Higher Production", Wheat Crop Modelling for Higher Production: Springer Singapore, 2020.


Due to quick growth of population, climate change and diminished natural resources, food security and nutrition issues face major challenges. Crop models successfully proved crop yield simulation under diverse environments, biotic constraints, gene factors and climate change impacts and adaptation. But, the accuracy of crop models for yield estimates needs to be improved with other limitation factors affecting yield growth and production to ensure global food security. These factors include short-term severe stresses (i.e. cold and heat), pest and diseases, soil dynamic changes due to climate changes, soil nutrient balance, grain quality (i.e. protein, iron and zinc) as well as the potential integration between genotype and phenotype in crop models. Here, we outlined the potential and limitation of wheat crop models to assist breeders, researchers, agronomists and decision-makers to address the current and future challenges linked with global food security.

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