Dr Abdelrahman Saleh Zaky

Dr. Zaky is a Lecturer of Microbiology at the Faculty of Agriculture at Cairo University. He received his BSc degree in Biotechnology and MSc degree in food microbiology from Cairo University in Egypt. He conducted his Ph.D. jointly between the University of Nottingham and the University of Huddersfield in the United Kingdom. His Ph.D. project aimed to reduce the water footprint of bioethanol by establishing a new fermentation strategy termed Marine Fermentation, in which seawater is substituted for freshwater for the production of bioethanol. Dr. Zaky has previously worked in the areas of microbial isolation, identification, and fermentation; Biomass hydrolysis and analysis; food microbiology, safety and analysis; bioenergy and industrial biotechnology. He also has experience in academic teaching through participating and leading several modules on microbiology, industrial biotechnology, and chemical engineering at Universities in Egypt, India and the UK. In addition, he has presented his research in more than 20 international conferences around the world since 2010. He is an active member of many scientific societies, editor of two journals and reviewer in several journals.