Ahmed Refaat is currently a Professor of Sedimentology and Applied Sedimentary Rocks at Geology Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University. In Mar. 1993, Refaat finished the Ph. D. in the Technical University of Berlin, ‎Germany. ‎Refaat was awarded the Cairo University Incentive Award in Basic and Applied Sciences (Branch Geology) in Nov. ‎‎2003‎. He has published many specialized papers in referred journals and conference proceedings. He awarded Appreciation Certificate for outstanding research published in the international scientific fields for 2015. He attended international and national conferences, seminars, workshops and training courses that held in many countries including: Germany, England, Denmark, Turkey, Poland, The Netherlands, Tunisia, Algeria and Sultanate of Oman. The areas of expertise include Sedimentology, Sedimentary rocks, Facies Analysis, Sequence Srtstigraphy, Clay mineralogy, Land use, Hydrogeology and ‎Environmental Geochemistry. He was a member of many scientific affiliation include the Tethys Geological Society, the Egyptian Sedimentological Society, the Egyptian Syndicate of Scientific Professions and the Egyptian Geological Society. He was organized, coordinated and leadership of numerous geologic field trips to different ‎regions in Egypt. He presented a lot of public lectures on many occasions, including the celebration of World Environment Day and other national events.

Contact Information

Prof. Ahmed Ali Refaat

Geology Department, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt

Tel.: +201065683141