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Ai, P., X. Zhang, Y. Ran, L. Meng, M. Elsayed, Q. Fan, and A. E. - F. Abomohra, "Biomass briquetting reduces the energy loss during long-term ensiling and enhances anaerobic digestion: A case study on rice straw.", Bioresource technology, vol. 292, pp. 121912, 2019. Abstract

The present study evaluated the impact of briquetting prior to ensiling on rice straw characteristics and anaerobic digestion performance. Ensiling for 10 months significantly reduced cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin of the uncompressed straw by 50.3%, 61.6% and 34.6%, respectively. However, increase of briquetting ratio enhanced the cellulose and hemicellulose contents at different ensiling times. In addition, increasing of ensiling time significantly reduced the biogas yield, while the highest cumulative biogas yield of 313.8 L kg VS was obtained from rice straw ensiled for 7 days at 1:6 briquetting ratio. Interestingly, the maximum biogas productivity of 1:6 briquetted straw after 10 months ensiling was 17.7% higher than that of the uncompressed straw ensiled for 7 days. Thus, briquetting prior to ensiling is a favorable approach to reduce the mass loss for enhanced biogas yield and energy recovery.

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Elsayed, M., A. E. - F. Abomohra, P. Ai, D. Wang, H. M. El-Mashad, and Y. Zhang, "Biorefining of rice straw by sequential fermentation and anaerobic digestion for bioethanol and/or biomethane production: Comparison of structural properties and energy output.", Bioresource technology, vol. 268, pp. 183-189, 2018. Abstract

Three routes; namely R1 representing direct anaerobic digestion (AD), R2 representing enzymatic hydrolysis followed by fermentation, distillation, then AD, and R3 representing AD of fermentation broth without distillation; of alkali pretreated rice straw were investigated. Results showed that sequential fermentation and AD effectively enhanced fibers degradation with significant changes in the composition. Fermentation through R2 resulted in ethanol yield of 87.4 g kg dry straw. Maximum biogas yields of 286.9, 233.3 and 372.4 L kg VS were recorded by AD for R1, R2 and R3 after reaching the steady state at 36, 24 and 33 days, respectively. However, biogas produced through R3 showed the highest significant biomethane content (79.3%) which represented 15 and 8% higher than that of R1 and R2, respectively. Therefore, the highest bioenergy output and energy conversion efficiency of 10.58 GJ ton and 75.6%, respectively, were obtained through R3 demonstrating the positive effect of fermentation prior to AD.

Younis, S. M., M. S. Omran, and M. S. Mahdy, "Applied Approach for Use of Jojoba oil as an Alternative Fuel for Diesel Engines.", The 17th Conference of Misr Society of Agricultural Engineering., Tanta Univ. Egypt. , 4 July, 2010.