Professor of Theriogenology Faculty of Vet Medicine Cairo University

Assistant Lecturer

Lecturer of Veterinary Ophthalmology

Assistant Lecturer

Professor of poultry diseases, fac. of Vet. Med. , Cairo UNiv.

Assistant Lecturer Of Pathology Faculty Of Vet Medicine Cairo University

Assistant Lecturer

Teaching Assistant at Toxicology and Forensic Medicine department- Faculty of Veterinary Medicine



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Assistant lecturer faculty of veterinary medicine

Assisstant lecturer Meat hygiene


Professor of Veterinary Surgery

Assistant Lecturer

Assistant Lecturer

Assistant lecturer

Assistant Lecturer of Virology - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Cairo University

Demonstrator at Department of Theriogenology

Assistant Professor of Veterinary Toxicology and Forensic Medicine

Professor of Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition

Professor of Virology & Immunology

Assistant Lecturer of Surgery, Radiology and Anasetheiology