Assistant Professor in Finance

Assistant Professor of Plant Physiology

Professor of Plant Ecophysiology

Assistant Professor of Plant Physiology

Lecturer of Microbiology

Professor of Microbiology

Assistant Professor of Biophysics

Assistant Professor of Biomedical and Systems Engineering

Assistant Lecturer of Biomaterials

Assistant Professor of Astrophysics

Professor of Architecture and Housing (Ph. D. Montreal Univ.,Canada), Department of Architecture

Research and Lecturer Assistant

Professor of Landscape Architecture

Teaching Assistant

Assistant Professor of Poultry Genetics and Biotechnology

Professor, Animal Production Department

Ph.D. in International Agricultural Trade

Professor of Aerodynamics (on sabbatical leave)

Assistant Lecturer School of Mass Communication

Prof. and head of department for german literature and language

Professor of Chemistry of Natural Products

Professor of Greek Philosophy

Teaching Assistant of Library and Information Science

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