El-Zawawy, M. A., "Asynchronous Programming in a Prioritized Form", In press, 2015.
El-Zawawy, M. A., and M. N. Alanazi, "An Efficient Binary Technique for Trace Simplifications of Concurrent Programs", Proceedings of The IEEE 6th International Conference on Adaptive Science \& Technology (ICAST), Ota, Nigeria, 29-31 Oct, 2014. An Efficient Binary Technique for Trace Simplifications of Concurrent Programs.pdf

Honors and Awards

  • Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn-Saud Islamic University: International Scientific Publishing Award, February, 2015. (A certificate is available)
  • Cairo University: International Scientific Publishing Award, June, 2014.
El-Zawawy, M. A., "Testing Automation of Context-Oriented Programs Using Separation Logic", Applied Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing, vol. 2014 , issue 2014, Article ID 930186, pp. 8 pages, 2014. AbstractTesting Automation of Context-Oriented Programs Using Separation Logic.pdf

A new approach for programming that enables switching among contexts of commands during program execution is context-oriented programming (COP). This technique is more structured and modular than object-oriented and aspect-oriented programming and hence more flexible. For context-oriented programming, as implemented in COP languages such as ContextJ* and ContextL, this paper introduces accurate operational semantics. The language model of this paper uses Java concepts and is equipped with layer techniques for activation/deactivation of layer contexts. This paper also presents a logical system for COP programs. This logic is necessary for the automation of testing, developing, and validating of partial correctness specifications for COP programs and is an extension of separation logic. A mathematical soundness proof for the logical system against the proposed operational semantics is presented in the paper.

El-Zawawy, M. A., "ConNet: A Network Programming Language with Concurrency", Proceedings of The 14th International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications -- DOI: 10.1109/ICCSA.2014.38, Page(s): 165 -- 170, IEEE CONFERENCE PUBLICATIONS , Guimarães, Portugal, June 30 - July 3, 2014. AbstractConNet: A Network Programming Language with Concurrency.pdf

Interdependent functionalities such as access authorizing, routing, traffic observing, and load adjusting are offered by today’s networks. Inconveniently, the existing languages for programming software defined networks do not provide parallelism to simulate the natural interdependence between common network functionalities. These languages are also not successful in providing a rudimentary solution to overcome the bad need for concurrency. This results in perplexed network programs.

This paper proposes ConNet, a model for a concurrent network programming langauge. This model is simple, yet powerful enough to express strong networking applications. The model is supported with a new operational semantics that is based on a new concept, the event of states concept. A type system to
guarantee type safety of ConNet programs is proposed in this paper as well. Mathematical formalization for the correctness of the type system is stated in the paper. Results of experiments checking efficiency of the language model are presented and discussed in the paper.