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European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2016 Vienna | Austria | 17 – 22 April 2016

The EGU General Assembly 2016 will bring together geoscientists from all over the world to one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, planetary and space sciences. The EGU aims to provide a forum where scientists, especially early career researchers, can present their work and discuss their ideas with experts in all fields of geoscience. The EGU is looking forward to cordially welcoming you in Vienna!

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Deterioration of soil quality in relation to its current and future productivity and/or reduced potential of soil as a natural resource is a serious threat for an increasing number of areas all over the world. Soil erosion is an environmental problem and causes land degradation associated with its off/on-site effects. Tackling on/off-site effects requires understanding of soil loss rate and other factors which can enhance or retard soil loss. Climate, topography, geology/soil, and land use/cover are factors influencing rate of soil erosion and are considered in estimating soil loss. This process could be under natural and/or accelerated condition. Probability of keeping the environment under natural condition is very limited. Totally removing soil loss for a specific site could be impractical but efforts can be done to bring human induced erosion and misuse of land to tolerable erosion level and sustainable utilization. Study area was the island of Sant’Antioco, Sardinia, which is a very interesting area for agricultural and geological point of view. A field survey was conducted to characterize the features detected on the imagery. As result, modelling erosion/deposition patterns does not allow the evaluation of actual sediment dynamics and time variations of these patterns, but just the relative strength/ intensity of the phenomena. However, it makes available a rational for the ranking of intervention priorities and maintains the possibility of comparing different management scenarios.

KEYWORDS: USPED; USLE; soil erosion; land degradation; Sant’Antioco; land evaluation.

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