Iman Helal is a Lecturer in Information System Department, Faculty of Computers and Information, Cairo University, Egypt.

The latest research area is Business Process Management (BPM), with interest in monitoring business processes, and detect violations within compliance rules at runtime. Iman received her MSc in "A design approach for active rules" in January 2011, where using Interval-based Conditional Colored Petri Net in designing active rules and generate Xtext code of user-designed rules. Also, she had the Ph.D. in "Towards Monitoring Compliance of Business Processes" in March 2017, which correlates the events at runtime to their cases and the output stream of events is monitored for violation detection. The main challenge is having an incoming stream of events at execution time that needs (near)real-time monitoring for any possible violations.

Current research interest is maintaining unmanaged business processes for monitoring and auditing. The extension of storing event stream in the cloud context presents many challenges for business processes monitoring and auditing. Also, the representation of the model as a service for the Internet of Things (IoT) can be of great interest for the unmanaged business processes.