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n. hamdy, "" Innovative style for the rehabilitation of the student novice to play the Piano ", مجلة امسيا العلمية , vol. 7, 2016.
n. hamdy, "A conceived proposal to develop a program for piano for undergraduate, adequate for the work market", المؤتمر الدولي الاول لكلية التربية النوعية , vol. 2, 2014.
Hamdy, N., "A summer training program proposal to improve the level of performance of the Faculty of Specific Education students on piano", مجلة التربية الموسيقية - جامعة حلوان, 2015. Abstract

Research introduction
Training for any skill is an effective element in reaching a good level of performance in that skill, and to prepare a good piano student we have to know how to train properly, and to do that, it is necessary to have sufficient time for training on the piano to develop their abilities and for them to acquire the playing skills as well as to improve their performance on the piano. The researcher has noticed during her teaching the piano subject, lack of students benefit of the leave period in the training and their weak level in the period between the end of the school year and the beginning of another school year, and the problem of the lack of adequate time for training in the faculty during the academic year due to the school year schedule congestion with many of the theoretical and applied subjects, which represents a significant obstacle adversely affects the level of their performance on the piano.
Research problem
The research problem may be summarized in the students repeating complaint from the low level of their playing performance on the piano as a result of the lack of practice throughout the period of the summer vacation.
Research hypotheses
The proposed pilot program focuses on the importance of summer training in that it positively affects in improving the level of performance of grades one, two, three and four students at the Faculty of Specific Education, Cairo University on the piano in the following items (Czerny technique 802 – the scales plus Czerny exercises op823 for grade one students, Czerny op453 for grade two, the pieces, and pieces for four hands, graded first impression reading exercises, Czerny op261 for grade three, Czerny op821 for grade four).
Research importance
Conversion of the summer holiday from a passive period to an effective period in favor of students' performance on the Piano.
Research objectives
The research aims to raise the level of performance of the Faculty of Specific Education students on piano during summer training.
Research limits
⦁ This research is limited to a sample of students enrolled in grades one, two, three and four, department of Music Education, Faculty of Specific Education - Cairo University.
⦁ The proposed approach for summer training.
⦁ The tutorial program commences on Sunday 24/08/2014 to Wednesday, 01/10/2014, where the number of sessions was twice a week at the Faculty of Specific Education - Cairo University.
Research question
How can the summer vacation be exploited in raising students' performance on the piano?
Research procedures
Research methodology
⦁ Using the experimental method.
⦁ Using the descriptive approach (content) analysis.
Research tools
⦁ Pre attainment selection to measure the students previous experience in the performance.
⦁ Pre musical attainment selection.
⦁ Student signatures.
⦁ Observation Card
⦁ The musical notes for the grades one, two, three and four
⦁ A questionnaire of student opinions towards training
Research sample
⦁ The students enrolled for summer training at the Faculty of Specific Education - Cairo University.
⦁ The scales determined for each grade, and the exercises proposed and the pieced adequate for each grade separately.
Search idioms
Previous studies and Arab and foreign research.
The theoretical framework, including:
Summer training concept- Summer training importance- Summer training objectives- Playing skills- First impression reading.
Applied framework including:
⦁ The researcher prepared a set of lessons for the approach proposed in the summer for the faculty students.
⦁ Design of a student training Observation Card in the summer period on the proposed approach.
⦁ The application of the entire search tools.
Research results
Researcher found that the summer training leads to improved student level of performance and furnishing them with the playing skills on piano.