Badawy Abu-Ibrahim is a professor of Theoretical Nuclear Physics at Cairo University, Giza Egypt. He finished his PhD at Niigata University, Japan. He got JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers in 2003. He worked at RI beam Science Laboratory (RIKEN) as a collaborative Scientist in 2001, 2006, and 2008. He collaborated with many scientists worldwide.   Badawy has ongoing research programs in several areas of theoretical Nuclear physics. The common elements in these areas are the structure and reactions of unstable nuclei. The half-life time of these nuclei is about 0.1 sec. This issue is the most important issue in Nuclear physics today. Badawy determine the radius of 6He nucleus in a pioneer work. Moreoer, he find a new method to calculate the full Glauber amplitude. Badawy also studies the equation of state of nuclear matter, total reaction cross sections, elastic scattering, charge changing cross sections, structure of halo nuclei. He used shell model, cluster model, and Monte Carlo technique in a pioneer method. 

After the discovery of Higgs, he was interesting in particle physics.

In addition, he is interested in personal development, he writing articles and give public lectures in this issue.   He currently resides in Cairo with his family. He can be contacted at +201113008055


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